About Our Services

We Specialize in Citrus IPM (Integrated Pest Management), with emphasis on
minimal hard pesticide usage while maintaining export quality fruit.
Our services include:

bugbul_copy.gif (1320 bytes)  Identification of insects and other invertebrates
bugbul_copy.gif (1320 bytes)  Advice on pest control and crop protection
bugbul_copy.gif (1320 bytes)  Preparation of Pesticide Use Reporting, N.O.I.'s, Impact maps, Worker
         Protection Data,  Worker Pesticide and Document Training, and                       
         Pesticide Recommendations
bugbul_copy.gif (1320 bytes)  Utilize aphytis, release, mapping, oil and soft pesticides for most pest
         control needs
bugbul_copy.gif (1320 bytes)  Agriculture chemicals and fertilizers with service equiptment available


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